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Welcome to the View/Navion Wiki

This site is a collection of the notes we've taken while learning about our View/Navion motorhomes. Anyone with an interest is welcome to take a look at our notes; just click on the appropriate link below.

Interested in helping us write or edit this Wiki?

Disclaimer: Please note that the information in the Wiki, regardless of the source, is provided as anecdotal information and does not constitute “instructions” or any kind of advice as to what YOU should do to YOUR vehicle! It is the reader's responsibility to personally corroborate any information or reasoning found here before using it for any consequential decisions. Simply by virtue of the random sources and age of this information, some of it is bound to be wildly incorrect.

How to Use This Wiki

Browse the Table of Contents and click on any link to go to that page. Remember, this is just a collection of our notes so there is absolutely no assurance that any page will be either pretty, complete, or entirely accurate.

Search the Wiki by using the Search Bar at the upper right-hand portion of this page. Enter a word or phrase, click on the magnifying glass, and the results will appear.

Table of Contents


The section on camping is not as robust as some others, but there are topics of interest to help plan a successful trip.


Information related to where to go, local knowledge, what to bring, strategies for taking long trips overseas or Alaska. What to bring for a long trip, three or four season travel tips, and a list of places people have visited and recommend to others. There are Camping and Travel and Photography pages.

Chassis Maintenance, Repair and Troubleshooting

Great information on all the aspects mentioned above Chassis Maintenance Troubleshooting and Repair

Coach Troubleshooting and Repairs

Coach Troubleshooting and repairs contain information with heaters and coolers, boost solenoid (how to tell if bad and how to install a new one), generators and generator codes, skylights, slide outs and a myriad of other topics essential to maintaining the coach section of your RV.


Topics include Extended Warranty, Roadside Assistance and Vehicle Insurance


The list of modifications include quieting a heat pump, batteries, bike racks, Espar heaters, Entertainment systems, Ventilation, flooring, shocks, battery maintenance, truck horn and more. look here, or search above for the topic of interest.

Recall Information

The latest information on recalls by year


Service Manuals

There are a number of Service Manuals available on the Wiki, fortunately the list is long enough that it necessitated moving the list to it's own page. The list is in alphabetical order. It is anticipated as the collection of manuals grows, the manuals may be is system order.

The View/Navion

This section contains information on the View and Navion models. Brochures, Differences, purchasing decisions, selling, pricing etc.

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